Our Approach

While there are similarities to every property, each landscape is unique in it’s own way, whether it be use, sun/shade dynamics, soil conditions, drainage abnormalities, or a wide array or other variables. A landscape can thrive or struggle depending on how these multiple variables are managed.

As stewards of your landscape, we will work closely with you to understand the priorities, while leading you through a three step process: (1) Evaluation, (2) Diagnosis, and (3) Execution.

We begin by evaluating the current state of your landscape, in particular it’s use and it’s current level of maintenance. Working with you, Sprout will diagnose any areas of need and compile a recommended course of maintenance that fits within your budget. Then we get to work in executing the maintenance plan – consistently and conscientiously.

Lastly, through evaluation of progress and frequent communication with you, the maintenance schedule can be modified, if necessary, to ensure optimum results for your property and those that use it: your customers, your associates, and you.